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This powerful sermon by Tom Kerry talks about the stranger who is living among us.  And what is ahead for the United States.

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Satan has cunningly etched out his plan to mirror, in a directly opposite and perverted way, Godís plan. Satanís holidays show the evil plan and Mardi Gras ties everything together. In this revealing special sermon, Tom Kerry presents a clear picture of what our enemy, Satan the Devil, has concocted from the very beginning.

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Luke 17:26 - 30
"As In The Days of Sodom"

This series started with a Sermon given by Danny Ellis titled "Sodom and Gomorrah".  It was followed by 2 of our News, Nuggets and Insight program.  Then Tom Kerry gave a 2 part Sermon titled: "As In The Days of Sodom".  3 Sermons and 2 NNI Programs.

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The Greatest Fraud

Godís Truths have been hijacked!  In this sermon, Tom Kerry shows how Satan, purposely devised and put into place, a plan to deceive mankind, making this deception the most sacred day of nominal Christianity. It is the ďGreatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated on Mankind.Ē

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The Strangest Little Book of the Bible, "Jonah".  Many people believe that the Book of Jonah is for kids.  Because of the Great Fish.  But it is a LOT MORE, watch this Special Sermon by Tom Kerry and learn the true meaning of the Book of Jonah.

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The Missing Twelve Hours

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Just what happened to Jesus from the time He was raised from the dead until He ascended unto the Father.  Watch this sermon by Tom Kerry and get your answers.

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America Under Siege

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The FIRST of a multi part NEW Series.  Tom Kerry goes into what is going to happen to the United States and what the Bibles says to what the Commission of the Church truly says.  America, The Elect and End Times.  Order your copy now and be placed on the  mailing list to receive all additional parts of this new series.

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God's Unchanging Word, the outreach program. At the GUCW we have had on the show some authors with No. 1 Selling books, Ministers, Publishers and the like.  Plus Tom Kerry our host does a regular Internet TV program on current World Events as related to Biblical Prophecy.  The GUCW has also produced some successful National and International TV programs.

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We are pleased to be able to offer our Brethren and Visitors weekly LIVE Sabbath Services.  We will be broadcasting for 2 different locations.  From our Gretna location (Church Headquarters) on the First Sabbath of each month and the remainder of the weekly Sabbaths from Michigan and Indiana locations.

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