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New Video Series
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As America looks inward, deeply desiring that someone needs to “Please close the front door,” (as in our mind-set of borders); many others are blowing the dust off their Bibles while they grab the shotgun off the shelf. They are mad and fed up, yet have no idea in what direction to turn.

In this Four Part series called, America in Decline, we will take a journey into God’s Truth that He has revealed, not only to His servants, but has also provoked the very conscience of the people of this great nation.

New Bible Study Series
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The Exodus – The Revelation of God’s Plan for Mankind, we look deep into God’s Word. There is so much to learn in the book of Exodus, that we are presenting this study as a Bible Video Book. For example, did you know that through the duality of the Exodus, God reveals His plan for a second ‘exodus’ to take place at the return of Christ to save the end time elect? This is just one of the many powerful insights found in this inspiring and enlightening new series, The Exodus.

Unleavened Bread Recipes
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 We are pleased to offer all our brethren and members of God's Churches to download your own copy of these great recipes.  There are 72 pages of some great ideas for use during the upcoming Holy Day Season.  Unleavened Bread this year starts March 31st. to April 6th, 2018.

2 years Into The Millennium

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2 years Into The Millennium

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Exodus - Spoils of Egypt

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Exodus - The Spoils of Egypt

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Monthly News Letter

Church Monthly News Letter
Find out what is going on in the church with our Monthly Newsletter.  We cover a number of different subjects from News, Events, Local Church groups and much more.  Signup TODAY

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Outreach Ministry

God's Unchanging Word, the outreach program. At the GUCW we have had on the show some authors with No. 1 Selling books, Ministers, Publishers and the like.  Plus Tom Kerry our host does a regular Internet TV program on current World Events as related to Biblical Prophecy.  The GUCW has also produced some successful National and International TV programs.

Live Internet Broadcast

We are pleased to be able to offer our Brethren and Visitors weekly LIVE Sabbath Services.  We will be broadcasting for 2 different locations.  From our Gretna location (Church Headquarters) on the First Sabbath of each month and the remainder of the weekly Sabbaths from Michigan and Indiana locations.

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