Interesting Biblical Facts

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Name Age at Death Genesis Reference
Adam 930 5:05
Seth 912 5:08
Enosh 905 5:11
Kenan 910 5:14
Mahalalel 895 5:17
Jared 962 5:20
Enoch 365 5:23
Methuselah 969 5:27
Lamech 777 5:31
Noah 950 9:29
Shem 600 11:10
Arphaxad 438 11:12
Shelah 433 11:14
Eber 464 11:16
Peleg 239 11:18
Reu 239 11:20
Serug 230 11:22
Nahor 148 11:24
Terah 205 11:32
Abraham 175 25:07




Name Nationality Occupation Writings How They Died
Matthew Jew Tax Collector Matthew Tradition: Died a martyr's death in Ethiopia.
Mark Jew   Mark Tradition: Died a martyr's death.
Luke Greek Physician

  Luke, Acts

Tradition: Died a martyr's death in Greece
John Jew Fisherman John, 1,2,3 John, Revelation Banished to Patmos A.D. 95 then released.  Tradition:  Died a martyr's death.
Paul Jew Pharisee/

Romans, I & II Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I & II Thessalonians, I & II   Timothy, Titus,       Philemon (maybe Hebrews)

Tradition: Beheaded at Rome on Nero's order A.D. 67 or 68
James Jew   James Tradition: Died a Martyr's death A.D. 62
Peter Jew Fisherman I & II Peter Tradition: Crucified up-side-down by Nero at Rome A.D. 67 or 68
Jude Jew   Jude Tradition: Died a martyr's death.




Prophet Spoke To: Message
Joel Judah Joel calls out for national and personal humility and repentance warning that destruction awaits the wicked on the Day of the Lord about the Spirit's outpouring awaits the faithful
Jonah Nineveh Jonah prophesies against the wicked Gentle nation of Nineveh and God accepts their repentance, demonstrating the extent of His love and mercy.
Amos Israel

Amos pronounces judgment against Israel because of their social injustice, moral decadence, apostasy, and lack of concern for the needy.

Isaiah Judah

Isaiah warns of judgment because Judah's careful attention to religious ritual is not combined with love for others and holiness before God.  He offers hope through God's Suffering Servant to come.

Micah Judah

Micah warns that the nation's corruption will bring imminent judgment but consoles the people with the promise of the future messianic kingdom.

Hosea Israel

The unfaithfulness of Hosea's wife depicts Israel's infidelity to God.  Hosea calls the nation to return to their first love.

Hahum Nineveh

A century after Nineveh's repentance, Nahum proclaims their doom because of unprecedented pride, oppression and idolatry.

Zaphanniah Judah

Zaphanniah speaks of a universal judgment to begin with Judah, yet concludes his message with a promise of restoration.

Habakkuk Judah

Habakkuk learns that God will judge Judah by using the ruthless Chaldeans, and that no matter what the circumstances, the just always will live in God's faithfulness.

Jeremiah Judah

Jeremiah tells the people of Judah that judgment awaits them because they have left their first love by forsaking their covenant with God.




Obadiah Edom

Obadiah predicts Edom's destruction as punishment for the people's sins against Israel.  Not even their supposedly impregnable mountain fortress will protect them.

Daniel Babylon

Daniel foretells the judgment and overthrow of the Gentile world powers as well as the future deliverance of God's people.

Ezekiel Exiles

Ezkiel has a message of destruction for Jerusalem.  Then, after Babylon's conquest of Judah, Ezekiel tells the exiles of hope in the future messianic kingdom.

Haggai Judah

Haggai rebukes the returned exiles for concentrating their efforts on their own prosperity rather than first rebuilding the temple and re-establishing the priestly offerings.

Zechariah Judah

Zechariah moves the people beyond rebuilding the temple toward individual spiritual reconstruction while warning that the messianic kingdom lies in the distant future.

Malachi Judah

Malachi warns a lethargic and spiritually-indifferent Judah that they must repent and humbly obey God in view of the coming Day of the Lord when the wicked will be judged.




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