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to The Church of God, Ministries International Web Site. In this site we will attempt to bring you the truth and understanding of the Bible and Our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the things which we hope to bring to you are, Our Beliefs, understanding of the Bible, Local contact and events in the work. You will find links to other Church of God, Ministries International sites, hymnal music, literature and booklets and much more. We also offer information about the Biblical past, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc. Be sure to check our News Watch Links section with links to National and International News. And how events are relating to the prophecies of the Bible.



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 Sunday Night
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“Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses”

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(FETV) Family Entertainment Television:
Sunday Nights: April 26, May 3, May 10
Times: 11:00PM ET, 10:00 PM CT, 9:00 MT, 8:00PM PT



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God’s Unchanging Word teamed up with Quality Video Productions to Produce “Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses.”

Time did not allow us to cover all the information we wanted to share in the TV Special. Now you can go to WWW.QVPRODUCTIONS.ORG to obtain the extended TV Special, Bible Studies, and the full Interviews of our guests.

Funds raised through these offerings will help us to buy more time and produce more programs. Become a partner and help us spread the warnings. Thank you in advance for your help and consideration.




“Out of the Mouth
of Two Witnesses”

For more information and watch the DVD intro CLICK HERE


(FETV) Family Entertainment Television:
Sunday Nights: April 26, May 3, May 10
Times: 11:00PM ET, 10:00 PM CT, 9:00 MT, 8:00PM PT


John Brown
Zion Oil and Gas We discuss the prophecies of Israel, and the possibilities of Oil in the Middle East. Additionally, we get to show you parts of the pilot program he made for his new television program called; “Good News Out of Zion.”

We’ve been given access to take pieces of the program for our GUCW Program.



Troy Duhon
We were blessed to have on God’s Unchanging Word Troy Duhon who was the executive director ofGod’s Not Dead that was a very popular movie at the box office last year.

It’s a small world comes to mine when I think of this connection. About 15 years ago, Troy owned the dealership I worked for at the time. At that time, the dealership was sold, and I also moved on. Since then, we’ve never spoken. Several months  ago, Audrey and I were invited to sit at the Lesea table for the prayer breakfast where Troy, to my surprise was the featured speaker. He gave a very impacting inspirational message. I later contacted him and he still remembered me and accepted the invitation to be on GUCW. He has some very heart wrenching post Katrina stories he share in the program. Additionally we were able to take parts of that story to conclude Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses.


Ed Malone
Ed Malone is a member of the Church of God community and an attorney who brings us some very interesting information about laws that are changing in America that could possibly affect how we worship in the future. Additionally, he is a writer for several publications including “The Journal” and other publications.

Maurice and Jean Dionne
Maurice and Jeanne Dionne were in New Orleans to talk about their
upcoming trip to Trinidad to be with the brethren there in mid-April. As a result of Jean’s book we published, “Traits of a Godly Woman,” she was invited
by the Trinidad congregation to do some seminars for the ladies in Trinidad.

While they were here, we took the opportunity to talk about their local congregation in Daytona, and one they hope to start when they return to RI in late April or May.

We hope to have other church congregations around the nation come to New Orleans so we can help to promote them, and God-willing, bring more people to the local congregations.


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Pathway to Freedom

This is part of our
American Patriotic Messages

This message by Tom Kerry take you on a journey into the past.  It speaks about our roots in America, and what our forefathers left for us today.  How these roots have changed and what it is doing to the United States today.  This is given for the whole family to enjoy and learn some history that many have not heard of or may have forgotten over the years. 

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"American - Pathway to Freedom"



America has lost it's Moral, Ethical, Spiritual and is ready to bankrupt itself to ultimately lose it's Physical/Financial way.  The problem is, "America hasn't any idea as to Why or How?

Following the election on November 6, 2012, we are witnessing another "Embarkation" of America.

The Bible predicted many year ago that there is a way to prosperity and a way to financial ruin.  America has taken the way of financial ruin.

In this 3 part series, Mr. Tom Kerry goes into the "Truth" about why America Cannot Fix it's own problems, and why it will take Jesus Christ to resolve the Calamity we have today.


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(NOTE: Each series part will be mailed under separate cover.)


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