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God’s Unchanging Word


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Feast of Trumpets Special

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Stephen Spykerman is back in the country and will be in New Orleans for one week to tape some programs, and Sabbath Services for God’s Unchanging Word, and for the COGMI.
The Wednesday program will go out live. We are planning to talk about Trumpets, the Return of Christ and current events in relationship to Christ return.
Stephen will also be talking about the problem with Islam in Great Britain and throughout Europe from the perspective of someone who lives over there.




God's Unchanging Word


“Dr. Donald L Patterson”

 Interview on GUCW with Donald Patterson
Did you know that there are approximately 1200 verses referencing music and musical instruments in the Bible? Dr. Patterson, brings us through many interesting and exciting pieces of information about music that is seldom if ever discussed from the Bible. At the conclusion, Dr. Patterson the program, you will be treated to several of the pieces of music that are on the CD that will be given away this year at the Feast Sites. Tune in, you won’t want to miss this show.

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Additional special videos and events

Pathway to Freedom

This is part of our
American Patriotic Messages

This message by Tom Kerry take you on a journey into the past.  It speaks about our roots in America, and what our forefathers left for us today.  How these roots have changed and what it is doing to the United States today.  This is given for the whole family to enjoy and learn some history that many have not heard of or may have forgotten over the years. 

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"American - Pathway to Freedom"



America has lost it's Moral, Ethical, Spiritual and is ready to bankrupt itself to ultimately lose it's Physical/Financial way.  The problem is, "America hasn't any idea as to Why or How?

Following the election on November 6, 2012, we are witnessing another "Embarkation" of America.

The Bible predicted many year ago that there is a way to prosperity and a way to financial ruin.  America has taken the way of financial ruin.

In this 3 part series, Mr. Tom Kerry goes into the "Truth" about why America Cannot Fix it's own problems, and why it will take Jesus Christ to resolve the Calamity we have today.


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(NOTE: Each series part will be mailed under separate cover.)

Cruz calls on Congress to block presidential nominees over executive action

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday that President Obama refuses to accept that only Congress has the authority to establish federal immigration laws and that members should block the president’s nominees and some funding until he rescinds his executive action on the issue.

“This is a stunning and sad display by the president,” Cruz, a Republican, told “Fox News Sunday.” “We need to impose real consequence.”

Cruz suggested, as he has since Obama announced the executive action Thursday, that Congress should take action next year when Republicans, who already control the House, will also have the majority in the Senate. 
Read the full story

Hopes of nuclear deal with Iran fade, as diplomats now seek extension

The possibility of the U.S. and five other nations reaching a nuclear deal with Iran by this week’s deadline began to fade Sunday with reports that diplomats are now discussing an extension.

Secretary of State John Kerry and the other world leaders have started internal discussions on extending the talks -- less than two days before the Monday deadline for a deal attempting to cap Iran's nuclear activities in exchange for lifting sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Two diplomats said Sunday that formal extension discussions have not yet started with Iran. But the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany have started talks among themselves on approaches they could present to Tehran.

At the same time, formal talks with Iran on bridging the differences are continuing. Read the full story 

Netanyahu Warns France on 'Palestine' Vote

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned France's parliament Sunday against recognizing a Palestinian state in a vote on December 2.

"Do they have nothing better to do at a time of beheadings across the Middle East, including that of a French citizen?" he asked reporters in Jerusalem, referring to hiker Herve Gourdel who was executed by jihadists in Algeria in September.

"Recognition of a Palestinian state by France would be a grave mistake," Netanyahu said, according to AFP.

"The State of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, the only state that we have, and the Palestinians demanding a state do not want to recognize the right to have a state for the Jewish people," Netanyahu told members of Jews who immigrated from France.     Read the full story

Egypt: We'll Stabilize a Palestinian State

 Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said in an interview published Sunday that he is be prepared to send troops to a future Palestinian state to help stabilize it, but only in agreement with Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), according to AFP.

Sisi, who begins his first European trip on Monday, made the comments in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. He is due to visit France and Italy, as well as Vatican City for a meeting with Pope Francis.

"We are ready to send military forces into a Palestinian state," he said. "We would help the local police and reassure the Israelis through our role as guarantor. Not forever, of course. For the time necessary to reestablish confidence. But first a Palestinian state must exist where troops can be sent to."  Read the full story

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