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Times That Try Men's Souls
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NNI Promo  July 5, 2024
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The Great American Eclipse of 2024
A NEW Sermon
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 By: Tom Kerry
March. 2024

The Joseph Project
The future headquarters of
The Church of God, Ministries International
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The Joseph Project Brochure
When Kings go Forth To War

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A New 3 Part Series for
Tom Kerry
April 2024
America, Its Rise and Fall

Given by Tom Kerry
Jan 2024
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Spiritual Warfare Ephesians 6:12
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Given by Tom Kerry
May, 2024
Times That Try Men's Souls
"From July 4th, 1776 to Isaiah 7:8"
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 By: Tom Kerry
June 2024

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There are over 130 hours of Sermons related to Biblical Prophecy given by Tom Kerry
It covers a lot of items and news that is going on in the United State today.  Interviews with Gov. Mike Huckabee and David Barton of Wall Builders and more. This series goes all the way back to 2010
by Tom Kerry
  CountDown To The Next
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Given by Tom Kerry
May 2024

The Shemitah Cycle Sermon Series
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By: Tom Kerry

Approach the Shadow of
The Fourth Seal

This is Tom Kerry's NEWEST Series Sermon.  It goes into we are in the Shadow of the Fourth Seal of Revelation.
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By: Tom Kerry
July 2023

2024 A Nation In Crisis
And It Doesn't Know It
Tom Kerry
June, 2024

Doomsday Clock
"90 Seconds Till Midnight"
Tom Kerry speaks about how the Doomsday Clock is related to Biblical Prophecy and God's Time Line.
A NEW 3 Part Series
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By: Tom Kerry

Today If You Hear His Voice
Steve Councell

Jesus Is Our Banner
Clayton Evans

The Seals of Revelation

Have they Begun?

Tom Kerry's Sermon where he goes into Revelation and talks about the Seals.  Have the Seals already started to open in the world.  Watch how he uses what the Bible has to say and the time we are living in now.
Outreach Ministry
God's Unchanging Word,
the outreach program.
At the GUCW we have had on the show some authors with No. 1 Selling books, Ministers, Publishers and the like.  Plus Tom Kerry our host does a regular Internet TV program on current World Events as related to Biblical Prophecy.  The GUCW has also produced some successful National and International TV programs.
Live Internet Broadcast
We are pleased to be able to offer our Brethren and Visitors weekly LIVE Sabbath Services.    We will be broadcasting from 2 different locations.
From our Gretna location (Church Headquarters) on the each Sabbath of month and on alternate Sabbaths from Michigan and Indiana locations.
Monthly News Letter
Church Monthly Newsletter
Find out what is going on in the church with our Monthly Newsletter.  We cover a number of different subjects from News, Events, Local Church groups and much more.  Signup TODAY

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