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Pentecost Weekend and
Public Campaign

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"The Nation That Got What It Asked For"

With this Election Season Over.  Our Nation has gotten what it asked for and how it will forever change our future.

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A New Sermon Series
By: Tom Kerry

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"Pre War Normalization of America"

Tom Kerry has started a brand NEWS Series.  It deals with what is happening in America Today and after the election.

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You can also view Part 1 today on line and download the video and audio. Click Here to View Part 1 of Pre War Normalization of America

A New Sermon Series
By: Tom Kerry

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Our very popular weekly program, News, Nuggets and Insights.  We bring you the latest news events as related to our daily life and Spiritual life. We do not collect personal information.  Just enter your email address and start receiving our NII weekly program.

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To View Our Passover Services

We everything going on in the world today.  Many Brethren are unable to meet for Passover Services. If you are unable to meet for Passover, We are also offering a Passover Services which was recorded earlier click on the above image. 

Also we will be providing Live Streaming of Passover this year again starting at 7:30 PM CST

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to Watch this Sermon

A must see Video by Tom Kerry.

It covers a lot of items and news that is going on in the United State today.  Interviews with Gov. Mike Huckabee and David Barton of Wall Builders.

by Tom Kerry.

It This How It Begins?

Ever Since The Days of Jesus Christ. People have asked . . . .
People Want to know.....

Acts 1:6 
wilt thou at this time restore again the
kingdom to Israel?  It is not for you to know the times or the seasons.

A New Sermon
By: Tom Kerry
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This powerful sermon by Tom Kerry talks about the propaganda going on in the United States.

It's as lesson from 1933 that will effect everyone during he End of Days.

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Has God already revealed what Satan knows and we have missed? You'll find the answers to these and many, many more questions through these 49 sermon messages delivered over the past four years.  They are part of a powerful comprehensive PROPHECY TIMELINE SERIES for out day.

Lessons From Lincoln

Is History About To REPEAT ITSELF?

You Need To Know!  Preparing for the next Civil War.
Over 150 years ago God raised up a man and gave him wisdom and insight to save a nation on the brink of utter destruction.  The mystery of that insight has escaped mankind until NOW.  God has revealed that mystery just before the final Civil War; the ultimate battle between good and evil.

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Outreach Ministry

God's Unchanging Word,
the outreach program.

At the GUCW we have had on the show some authors with No. 1 Selling books, Ministers, Publishers and the like.  Plus Tom Kerry our host does a regular Internet TV program on current World Events as related to Biblical Prophecy.  The GUCW has also produced some successful National and International TV programs.

Live Internet Broadcast

We are pleased to be able to offer our Brethren and Visitors weekly LIVE Sabbath Services.  We will be broadcasting for 2 different locations.  From our Gretna location (Church Headquarters) on the First Sabbath of each month and the remainder of the weekly Sabbaths from Michigan and Indiana locations.

Monthly News Letter

Church Monthly News Letter

Find out what is going on in the church with our Monthly Newsletter.  We cover a number of different subjects from News, Events, Local Church groups and much more.  Signup TODAY

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